Our Services
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Our Services

For referrals interested in enrolling in one of our programs, or seeking personal credit guidance, we require a CREDIT REPORT CONSULTATION FIRST. We also offer custom-designed plans depending on each client’s needs; to be discussed during the consultation if necessary. Book below.


Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email to schedule the time and date for your consultation.


*If you do not have a Referral, please complete the NO REFERRAL CONTACT form on our homepage.

FIGure It Out

$30 / 15 Mins: $30
  • Fee will be credited to service if enrolled within 24 hours
  • Provide invaluable one-on-one consultation
  • Review the scores and profiles of three accredited credit reports
  • Identify areas in need of improvement to increase scores, time frame to reach credit goals
  • Help you select a service plan based on your credit goals if needed: Should I find that you do not need credit repair, you will not be sold on a service, however, I will advise what you need to do to get your scores moving up quickly
  • Recap consultation email

Pay For Deletion

$289 / Audit Fee Plus Deletions
  • There are no reoccurring monthly fees, you only pay for accounts AFTER they have been successfully deleted.
  • $0 For Personal Information (Per Bureau)
  • $25 For Collection Accounts (Per Bureau)
  • $25 For Charge Offs (Per Bureau)
  • $40 For Repossessions (Per Bureau)
  • $40 For Broken Leases (Per Bureau)
  • $50 For Bankruptcies (Per Bureau)
  • Progress Evaluation Phone Conference & Email Update every cycle (a cycle is 30-45 days) Bi-Weekly Credit Education
  • Credit Updates to your Lender/Realtor if needed
  • Access to Homebuyers Workshops
  • Access to reputable Realtors and Lenders (Personal/Business Funding) if needed


At FIG Restoration, we examine every aspect of your credit report to craft an individualized plan that can help increase your CREDIT SCORE and maintain a healthier CREDIT PROFILE. By limiting the number of clients accepted, we can give you the best personal experience possible. As our client, you will receive personalized care via client education & advice throughout the process. We pride ourselves on ONE-ON-ONE engagement! Our clients learn to harness the power of improved credit in the areas of homeownership, lowered premiums, better interest rates, and small business entrepreneurialism.